Year-round strawberry production in Ontario?

strawberries edited

Freshly picked Ontario strawberries

Strawberries are one of our most beloved fruits – and wouldn’t it be nice if we could get fresh, local Ontario berries all year long?

That might soon be a reality thanks to new greenhouse technology, which is profiled in an article by Lisa McLean in Today’s Farmer on April 21:

Thamesville -Ontario strawberry farmers have a new way to grow strawberries, thanks to an innovative production method from a Southwestern Ontario nursery. The good news? If the system takes root, it could help lead to a year-round growing season for local Ontario strawberries.

Sandra Carther, owner of Thamesv il le-based Carther Plants began developing a new nursery system for strawberry plants in 2009. The system produces “plug plants” or plants that are grown in cell packs that are ready for transplant into the ground or a greenhouse. 

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