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Robots could soon be harvesting Ontario greenhouse veggies

Medhat Moussa and the robotic arm - web
By Lilian Schaer for AgInnovation Ontario

Guelph – A University of Guelph engineering professor has been developing a labour-saving solution for greenhouse vegetables growers that he is now ready to put to the test in a working greenhouse – a human-sized robot that will harvest produce and remove leaves from plants.

The prototype is armed with visioning technology that allows it to identify whether produce is ripe for harvest or not, as well as a special pick up arm that will let it gently yet firmly pluck the vegetables from the vines without damaging them.

“You are dealing with non-rigid objects like tomatoes and you will end up with ketchup if you’re not careful, so you need a very sensitive gripper that is not high cost but is also fast,” explains Dr. Medhat Moussa. Continue reading

Developing hardier, tastier greenhouse vegetables

AgInnovation Ontario - developing tastier, hardier greenhouse vegetables - www.aginnovationontario.ca

Greenhouse-grown Ontario tomatoes

Imagine greenhouse tomatoes and peppers that look and taste great, grow well, and are disease-resistant too.

That’s what Daryl Somers and his team at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) are currently working on.

They’re using genomics, the study of DNA sequence and genomes, to help them find and identify variations in the plants that can be used to develop desirable traits. Continue reading