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Magic Mix turns fish byproduct into premium compost


Mike Meeker and his dog Rosco on the dock of his rainbow trout fish farm near Evansville on Manitoulin Island.

(Evansville) – To anyone who knew Mike Meeker as a child, there’s no surprise that he’s now a fish farmer, raising rainbow trout on a pristine lakefront property on Manitoulin Island.

“If there was water anywhere, I was in it,” Meeker says of his early years. “There was never any doubt in my mind as to what I wanted to do.”

After attending the University of Wisconsin where he studied Zoology, Meeker played hockey for a few years before settling on the west side of Manitoulin Island in 1984 with his family.

At that time, Meeker said that there weren’t any other fish farms on the island so his plans were met with a great deal of skepticism.

But, his perseverance and enthusiasm paid off and he is now one of five growers successfully raising trout in the area.

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