Smart packaging to the rescue


Dr. Mansell Griffiths & Dr. Hany Anany, University of Guelph Photo source:

An interesting article on about the future of packaging that involves work from the University of Guelph:

What if technology could guarantee that the package of meat you just bought were free from Listeria and E. coli and other harmful bacteria? What if technology could do that without using chemicals? Well… technology can.

Dr. Mansel Griffiths at University of Guelph has embedded bacteriophages—viruses that eat specific bacteria—in packaging. Phages kill their target bacteria by reproducing inside them. Since they are everywhere in our lives—in soil, in our intestines and especially in our drinking water and food—they are completely natural, kosher, halal and can be certified organic. They don’t affect colour, flavour, texture or taste.

To learn more about this fascinating work, read the rest of this article. 

Griffiths is a Professor and Graduate Coordinator for the Food Safety & Quality Assurance program at the University of Guelph. Learn more here.