Shrimp farming comes to Ontario


Inside Ontario’s first shrimp farm – photo by Deb Deville for Country Guide.

Shrimp farming is a concept not usually associated with Ontario.

However, the province’s first shrimp farm is up and running – established by innovative farmers who converted their hog barns into shrimp-producing facilities.

There’s a great story in the most recent issue of Country Guide about Ontario’s first shrimp farmers:

Walking into Paul and Tracy Cocchio’s barn on a cold Ontario morning feels like a visit to the tropics, and rightly so, because the livestock the Cocchios are raising originate in decidedly warmer parts of the world. You might say the barn is a kind of greenhouse for the animal side of agriculture, with the couple being Ontario’s first shrimp farmers.

It’s probably also the first time any of us have read the words shrimp and farm in the same sentence.

Aptly named, Ontario’s First Shrimp Farm is the first commercial shrimp operation in the province, and it just celebrated its very first harvest in January. But it was a celebration that had been a long time coming, with the Cocchio’s now in their fifth year of pioneering a new Canadian agricultural sector.

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