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Boosting food safety in artisanal sausage while maintaining taste, quality

Making sausage in the lab - web

Guelph Preparing sausage samples

This week’s story is courtesy of the Agricultural Adaptation Council (AAC).

Guelph – A new protocol developed at the University of Guelph is letting meat processors strengthen food safety in fermented sausages without using heat.

Since January 2014, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) has required provincially licensed meat processing plants to adopt one of the five interventions identified in Health Canada’s Guideline 12 for the control of E.coli 0157:H7 and Salmonella in fermented sausages.

Traditional processes for making fermented sausage products like salami and summer sausage don’t allow for the use of heat over 33C. So meat processors had to find a way to be compliant – but without heat, which can change the taste and texture of the artisanal products. Continue reading

Meat and veggies pics prove quality, reduce food waste

Olga - web

P&P Optica’s President and CEO Olga Pawluczyk

By Lilian Schaer for AgInnovation Ontario

Waterloo, Ontario – A local company has technology that lets meat and vegetable processors guarantee their product quality and reduce food waste.

Watch the video by Ontario Agri-Food Technologies

P&P Optica’s chemical imaging technology that is being used successfully in the recycling industry and the biomedical field is now being adapted for use in food processing so that companies can verify the quality of their products in a quick, repeatable, and consistent way.

“We’re able to “see” the chemistry in things. The recycling industry, for example, wanted to be able to sort various types of plastics more effectively and quickly, and our technology lets them do that by analyzing the chemical composition of those plastics at industrial speed,” explains company president and CEO Olga Pawluczyk. Continue reading

Ontario-made maple sap drink a global winner

Kiki Maple Sweet Water a global winner

Kiki Maple Sweet Water comes in four flavours

Few things are more symbolic of Canada than maple.

And although maple sap is most commonly associated with maple syrup, Canadian entrepreneur Keith Harris has brought it to the beverage market.

His award-winning KiKi Maple Sweet Water has been turning heads globally and is so chock full of nutrients that he calls it “nature’s Sport’s Drink”. Continue reading

Smart packaging to the rescue


Dr. Mansell Griffiths & Dr. Hany Anany, University of Guelph Photo source:

An interesting article on about the future of packaging that involves work from the University of Guelph:

What if technology could guarantee that the package of meat you just bought were free from Listeria and E. coli and other harmful bacteria? What if technology could do that without using chemicals? Well… technology can.

Dr. Mansel Griffiths at University of Guelph has embedded bacteriophages—viruses that eat specific bacteria—in packaging. Phages kill their target bacteria by reproducing inside them. Since they are everywhere in our lives—in soil, in our intestines and especially in our drinking water and food—they are completely natural, kosher, halal and can be certified organic. They don’t affect colour, flavour, texture or taste.

To learn more about this fascinating work, read the rest of this article. 

Griffiths is a Professor and Graduate Coordinator for the Food Safety & Quality Assurance program at the University of Guelph. Learn more here.

Ontario company brings first food safety treatment for dry foods to market

By Lilian Schaer for AgInnovation Ontario

Toronto – It’s a biodegradable organic sanitizer developed specifically to eliminate microbes on dry foods like seeds, spices, nuts, and powders.

Watch the video by Ontario Agri-Food Technologies.

This sustainable technology is a made-in-Ontario invention that is the first product of its kind to be approved by Health Canada for use after harvest. Neo-Pure, a product of Toronto-based Agri-Neo, has been on the market in Canada since last December. Continue reading