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Electronic “logbook” could nip animal disease outbreaks in the bud

barn-with-sign-webBy Lilian Schaer for AgInnovation Ontario

Guelph – A local company has developed an electronic logbook system that can help the livestock industry quickly and easily track movement on and off farms – information that is absolutely critical for preventing or minimizing costly disease outbreaks.

Currently, a paper-based visitor register is the global standard for keeping track of who entered or left a farm property at what time and where they’d been previously.

A manual system is slow and leaves room for error, however, neither of which is helpful during a disease emergency, especially in the early days when spread can still be prevented or contained. Continue reading

Producing safer poultry through a new class of antimicrobials

This story comes to us from Bioenterprise, a partner in the Agri-Technology Commercialization Centre.

AbCelex-logoMississauga – Each year, millions of North Americans fall ill after eating chicken, thanks to a corkscrew-­shaped bacteria called Campylobacter.

According to AbCelex’s CEO,  Dr.  Babaei, the solution could lie in a quirk of camel biology.   Continue reading

DNA testing chicken meat will ensure consumers get what they pay for

DNA Laboratory - webBy AgInnovation Ontario

Toronto – When you go to a restaurant for an expensive dinner, you expect that you’re going to get exactly what you ordered.

But what if the restaurant or its supplier substituted your sword fish for a cheaper product like tilapia and didn’t tell you? The products might be similar in taste and appearance, leaving you misled about what you really paid for.

The same problem can exist in poultry. Consumers and importers expecting to purchase fresh chicken raised by Canadian farmers could potentially be deceived into buying meat from older laying hens (called spent fowl) that are a by-product of egg production.

While birds called broiler chickens are raised for meat consumption and are the product most frequently found in meat counters, spent hens will also be processed once their egg laying productivity declines. Their meat, which can be tougher and stronger tasting, is used for processed products like soups, patties, nuggets, or deli meats. Continue reading

Livestock bedding offers markets for miscanthus, switchgrass growers

SG field in Grey County before harvest fall 2014 - web

Switchgrass in a Grey County field prior to harvest, Fall 2014 – photo courtesy of OMAFRA

The current wheat straw shortage is sending farmers in search of bedding alternatives for their livestock and poultry.

And they may have found it in biomass crops like miscanthus and switchgrass.

Originally intended for alternative energy production or as ingredients into plant-based plastics and other bioproducts, these crops are increasingly in demand by farmers as livestock bedding for dairy or beef cattle, broiler chickens, sheep or even deep-bedded pigs. Continue reading

Special light bulbs help chickens lay more eggs

AgriLux Spectrum LED for Poultry

AgriLux Spectrum LED bulb for poultry

The light emitted by an innovative new LED bulb designed for poultry farmers can help chickens lay more eggs.

AgriLux was developed through research led by Dr. Grégoy Bédécarrats from the University of Guelph’s Department of Animal and Poultry Science.

A partnership with Thies Electrical Distributing in Cambridge, Ontario helped bring the product to market. Continue reading