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Fans keep pigs cool in stationary livestock trucks

Truck along side Fans

Hog truck pulled up beside a fan bank

Research shows that pigs going to market in the hot summer months are more likely to die in-transit than pigs shipped during cooler times of the year.

When pigs are heat-stressed and their body temperatures rise, they are at risk of collapsing and may die due to cardiovascular failure.

Not only is this an animal welfare concern, but heat stress can also affect meat quality. Continue reading

Local company develops high tech, welfare-friendly pig feeding system


Curtiss Littlejohn with the Canarm electronic sow feeder

An Ontario-based company has developed a leading-edge electronic sow feeding system that it’s now selling across Canada – and it took just a little over a year to get from concept to market.

Curtiss Littlejohn, Swine Products Manager with Canarm, a privately owned company headquartered in Brockville, Ontario that produces ventilation and lighting systems, as well as livestock handling and management equipment, says the feeding system was inspired by information gathered from hog farmers across North America as part of a survey conducted last year.

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