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Sunny days: New tool helps greenhouses make light of winter

Per Aage Lysaa - webBy Lisa McLean for AgInnovation Ontario

Guelph – Each year, Canadian greenhouse growers face a challenge nearly as old as the sun itself: During the darker days of a Canadian winter, nothing grows.

Greenhouse production enters a mandatory hiatus, because there is not enough sunlight to sustain plant growth. Facilities are cleaned out. Plants are replanted.

And when the first harvest of the new season finally arrives, Canadian growers must battle for space on supermarket shelves, where produce from warmer climates has enjoyed its day in the sun.

Now, a systems integration company with facilities in Norway, China and Canada is offering a solution to Canadian greenhouse growers: LED lighting systems that can augment the sun’s rays, even when sunshine is scarce. Continue reading

Ontario greenhouse business enhances its competitive edge with Growing Forward 2 funding

This story comes to us from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Andrew Hendriks Jr. in the greenhouse

Andrew Hendriks Jr., General Manager of Hendriks & Sons Greenhouses in Niagara, Ontario.

Niagara Region – Andrew Hendriks Jr. knows that in his business, he must constantly evolve. It’s the only way to stay competitive in the greenhouse industry.

Since 1953, the Hendriks family has operated Hendriks & Sons Greenhouses in Niagara, Ontario. Andrew is the grandson of business founder Peter Hendriks and is now the general manager of this family greenhouse operation after taking over from his father, Andrew Sr. Continue reading

New Canadian roses disease resistant, cold-hardy and low maintenance

A cold tolerant, disease resistant rose variety is the dream of many a landscape gardener in the world’s cooler northern regions.

It may soon be a dream no more.

Dr. Rumen Conev

Dr. Rumen Conev, Vineland’s lead rose breeder

Dr. Rumen Conev is leading a breeding program at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre that is developing landscape and garden rose varieties that will be resistant to Black Spot, survive frigid Canadian winters, and thrive in our shortened growing season – all while producing plentiful blooms and sporting glossy dark green foliage. Continue reading