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From waste to wealth: transforming greenhouse waste into energy

Animesh Dutta

By Jane Robinson

Guelph – When Animesh Dutta ponders the problems of the world, he lands on energy security, food security and climate change. The University of Guelph researcher’s latest project holds promise for addressing all three.

As professor and director of the Bio-Renewable Innovation Lab in the School of Engineering, Dutta focuses on taking waste from farms or food processors and finding the best solution to convert it into renewable energy that will maximize the economics.

When he started working on bioenergy, Dutta saw the benefits of creating a renewable source of energy that didn’t interfere with food production.

“The economics don’t seem to be there for using feedstock for bioenergy,” he says. “You have to purchase the raw product and farmers want a price for their biomass crop that is higher than the value of the bioenergy it makes.” Continue reading

Entrepreneurial farmers offer low cost, green solution for food waste

Cornerstone Renewables Korb Whale left and Travis Woollings right inside the digester - media

Korb Whale, left, and Travis Woollings, right, inside the digester on the Whale farm

An innovative group of agricultural entrepreneurs has banded together to offer a low-cost solution for organic waste disposal – and are producing green energy while they’re at it.

Cornerstone Renewables was formed a year ago when eight farmers and operators of two other sites in southwestern Ontario with electricity-producing bio-digesters decided to join forces to better manage how they do business. Continue reading